Shooting at Westside Middle School


  • Britthney R. Varner (11, Female), Student, Fatality
  • Shannon Wright (32, Female), Teacher, Fatality
  • Natalie Brooks (11, Female), Student, Fatality
  • Paige Ann Herring (12, Female), Student, Fatality
  • Stephanie Johnson (12, Female), Student, Fatality


Mitchell Johnson & Andrew Golden (13, Male), Student

Occurred on Mar 24, 1998

A total of 5 people were killed; four female students and a teacher, and 10 were injured; nine students and one teacher. The perpetrators were two students, 13-year-old Mitchell Johnson, and 11-year-old Andrew Golden, who were shooting in an ambush style from the woods in camouflaged clothes. 10 additional people were wounded. Learn More (wikipedia.org)


hey i actually used to go to this school in the 6th grade. im a sophomore now and very happy. when i first moved to the school they honored every one of the ppl that were killed as they still do to this day. they hung plaques and pictures and awards to show the dedication for the peoples lives that should not have ended. although its been several years they still are remebered. god bless there souls as well as their families.

- chrissy (09/17/2009)

That is comforting to know that they still honor them .. For someone that was their and witnessed it that means alot that was a dark time in our our lives involve ... Thaey are all still very missed!!!

- Kelly (11/14/2009)

I still think of Paige. She was like a sister to me. I hope and pray she knows i Love her and Miss her.

- Candice Shields (05/31/2010)

I was one of the paramedics that worked the shootings, and transported one of them to hospital, i keep them in my prayers and my son now is in middle shcool and i am proud for him to be there, westside schools are wonderful, i went there myself and my wife is a teacher at the middle school.

Mark Johnson, EMT-Paramedic

- Mark JOHNSON (09/18/2011)

i feel so bad for the familys that had to loose a family member or a child i am so sorry i dont know how to make the pain away if i could i would

- tiffani (02/02/2012)

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